Experimental Facilities

Our methodology to assess photovoltaic materials and solar cells involves a combination of optical spectroscopy, to study the fundamental properties of the semiconductor materials under investigation, coupled with parallel investigations of semiconductor device physics, to correlate the optical properties of the systems to the optoelectronic behavior and transport processes. Through these parallel and complementary investigations we aim to develop a real understanding of the mechanisms facilitating and/or inhibiting the operation of the solar cells in the systems studied.

Students working with the EQE and solar simulator systems.

The group, also, has the additional advantage of access to semiconductor fabrication facilities developed in the Department of Physics & Astronomy through NSF MRSEC funding, and excellent materials characterization capabilities through the Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory, both of which are utilized directly by students within the Photovoltaics Materials Group. In addition to these capabilities, our group has a strong collaboration with the Santos Group giving us access to high quality III-V materials.

Optical Spectroscopy

The photoluminescence table - uPL, magnet, and PL setup

Semiconductor Device Physics